Fireworks 1.00

New Year fireworks display on your Android phone


  • Authentic firework animations and sounds
  • Wide range of backdrops available


  • Small choice of fireworks


Fireworks is a free Android application that will help you celebrate the new year on your phone.

If you can't get to a real display this year, Fireworks is a fun alternative. It allows you to set off animated fireworks in front of a wide range of different background sceneries. For example, you can choose to let off your fireworks in Washington, London, New York, or even Disneyland!

The quality of the backdrops in Fireworks is very impressive, as is the authentic sonic and visual effects of the explosions themselves. You can set up which kind of fireworks you would like to use, and set them to go off automatically, or explode them manually by tapping the screen. We felt though, that the range of fireworks at your disposal wasn't really extensive enough.

Fireworks also includes a countdown to 2011, so you can see exactly how long is left until the new year arrives.

Fireworks offers an entertaining way to see in the new year on your Android device.



Fireworks 1.00

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